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Myne London jewellery celebrates the beautiful Swat Valley Emerald in its exquisite collections of designs for men and women. We source these intensely coloured, natural and rare stones from the magnificent mountains of Northern Pakistan.

Our beautiful jewellery is designed by Fiona Wellington. Our workshops are based in Hatton Gardens, Wales, and Los Angeles. United Kingdom and International delivery is available.

We are proud to source responsibly and partner with projects who train and employ skilled women in the area involved in gemstone cutting and polishing. We donate 10% of our profits to related foundations.

To view the collections or discuss bespoke commissions please contact us to book an appointment or visit our contact page for online bookings.

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the SWAT VALLEY, pakistan

“I truly believe that, establishing an export-led benefaction industry within Swat will not only generate sustainable livelihoods, but will also help in preventing future conflicts through fostering economic resilience.”

Dr. Muhammad Makki

Assistant Professor, Centre for International Peace & Stability (CIPS)