Malaysian-born entrepreneur and jewellery designer, Fiona Wellington, is the co-founder and director of Myne London.  

Fiona has held a lifelong captivation with art, fashion and design. She encouraged her children in every way to find their voice in the arts, and now – inspired and encouraged by them – Fiona is pursuing her own artistic voice, driven by her experiences in Pakistan, her love of the arts and her understanding of the importance of female equality in society. 

Her opening collections are inspired by memories of her family’s gardens in Peshawar. The Grass and Rose Leaf collections are the first of her designs featuring the stunning Swat Valley emeralds marking what promises to be the beginning of an exciting journey.




Holly Wellington is a musician, composer and visual painter who experiments with expression through combining music and visual art. Her paintings focus on colourful portraits and music inspired abstracts.

Holly contributed to the first collection piece ‘The Grass Collar’ and has written a composition to accompany the opening collection show which she performed live at the London Belgravia launch.

Based in Bristol Holly collaborates within a large group of artists, musicians, writers and poets and brings a multifaceted, multilayered philosophy and creativity to design for Myne London.