Hidden within the folds of the magnificent mountains surrounding the Swat Valley region of Pakistan are 'some of the most pristine emerald crystals to be found anywhere in the world' (Charles Evans FGA DGA, Gemmological Association of Great Britain).

The two most important factors in determining the value of rough emeralds are the colour and the clarity.

The perfect colour needs to be a vivid, saturated green, without becoming inky and without the intrusion of a yellow overtone. In Swat Valley emeralds, the most wonderful colour and clarity are available. Despite their rarity, Myne London is committed to sourcing and using only the very best of these.

We are very excited to be in a position to offer our customers the most exquisite emeralds in the size, colour and clarity of their choice. Sourced directly from the mine, customers are assured that their patronage will help an emerging area and give back to the hard-working people.

Sourcing the right stone for you cannot be replicated or rushed and will create a stunning piece of art which can be celebrated and enjoyed for generations to come.

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