Having been born in Malaysia and brought up in London, at the ages of nine and seven we moved to Peshawar in Pakistan. We were immersed into the new and captivating environment of the Khyber Paktunkwa region. The community welcomed us with love and generosity, and we were mesmerised by this energising city which sparkled with incredible colour and life. 

Our father took his position as principal of Edwardes College, whilst we went to school in Murree in the Himalayan foothills – the jagged uniforms of those mountains inspired a connection within us and the formation’s outline and scale remained imprinted in our minds. 

Kate revisited the area in 1989, exploring the Swat Valley and more of the country. She was again touched by the hospitality of the people and breathtaking landscapes. 

Now through Myne London we have reconnected with Pakistan returning the love we received and reflecting the wild elegance, mystery and romance through our collections. With ethically sourced jewels from the artisan mines, we prioritise and value our relationship with the mining community. We partner and work closely with local groups to create a positive social impact especially in the training and employment of women in lapidary work. This encompasses our ethos for positive social and economic influence and welfare through the creation of luxury jewellery and fashion.